New Zealand’s Best Online Live Dealer Casino Games

If there is one thing New Zealand loves its casino games. Only, the days of having to drive to a land-based establishment are well and truly over.

The live dealer casino revolution has taken hold, meaning that gambling at an online casino has never been easier nor more authentic.

Most savvy New Zealand players already know what live casinos are, and how they work. But if you still aren’t clued up, let’s take a closer look.

How Do Live Casino Games Work Online?

Software casino games work using Random Number Generators (RNG.) The system generates random numbers, and when a game needs a number, it draws from the hundreds of thousands being generated every second. It’s a good system, and it works well, but it isn’t authentic. Many New Zealanders insist that table games are meant to be just as the name says; played on a table.

That’s why a few enterprising companies have decided to take online gambling to the next level. Live dealer casinos are nothing more than a real time broadcast of a professional croupier. The croupier hosts the game, deals with real Roulette wheels and cards, and you may bet on the action as you wish. It’s an incredible, technology driven iGaming revolution, and you’re certainly invited.

Are There Any Benefits?

So, the idea of betting on a live feed of a casino game is great, and the technology very impressive. But are there any tangible benefits? The fact of the matter is that, no, there aren’t really any technical benefits. Some will even point out that since a human croupier is involved, the action unfolds much slower than with software. So really, it could be seen that there are a few cons.

But then that is what live casinos are all about, authenticity!

You may not change the pace of the game, and you may not skip the spinning wheel of Roulette. That is how it is in land based casinos, and how it is in live casinos. RNG will never be used, but the ambience and atmosphere will always be genuine. It is a trade of off convenience for the sake of a true online gambling experience.

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What Games Are Offered Live?

The short answer is all the table games!

Live Baccarat, live Poker, live Blackjack and live Roulette are all on offer. Each game operates via the traditional rules, with a few tweaks for some versions. Bets are made as would be expected. The only addition to the real time feed is a software overlay, designed to allow for instant betting on live action.

Though, beyond the expected real money table games is a new wave of experimental live entertainment. You may have already seen the likes of Crazy Time and Dream Catcher, but if you haven’t, we strongly recommend checking them out. The idea is that player is given the chance to participate in a Game Show as it unfolds, which is certainly something that could only be dreamed about just a few years ago. If you’ve ever fancied taking part in Deal Or No Deal, that is now possible with live entertainment.

How To Find The Best Live Casinos

So, you’re convinced and would like to try out live games, but where to start?

Here! Our team of professionals is on a never ending mission to visit, try out and review every online casino in New Zealand. The team takes their work very seriously, operates without bias, and always looks at a site from every angle. You can count on us to point you at the very best online casinos, including those with live dealers.

Our reviews focus on everything that matters; licenses and legality, selection of games, promotions, and customer support. So when you’re ready check out our reviews, see what strikes your fancy, and jump in.


Which Strategies Work With Live Games?

All of them. Since live versions of casino games operate with traditional rules, you simply have to find a strategy guide and use it.

Do Live Casinos Have Bonuses And Promotions?

Of course. Most promotions also apply to live versions of games, including Bonus Cash. Some sites may even have specific bonuses that only work with live games.

Are Live Dealer Games Mobile Compatible?

In most cases, yes. The biggest factor is how fast and stable your mobile internet connection is. Connect to a good WiFi and you should be good to go.

What Is RNG And Does It Apply To Live Games?

RNG is the system used to ensure that software based gambling is truly random. It does not apply to live dealers since no software is used to operate the games. All the results you see are created by a real dealer, in real-time.