What are the most popular casino games?

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The casino industry is one of the most consistent, unmoving industries in the world. Since land-based casinos were first gaining popularity at the turn of the 20th century, millions upon millions of people from all over the world have had their go at every type of casino game conceivable. The internet and modern technology has only helped to further popularize this trend, and today players will find that there are countless casinos and games available online within New Zealand. As far as variety is concerned, no one will ever be able to say they can’t find a game that suits them.

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The most common question that modern players will ask is: what are the best casino games around? The sheer amount of different games of all shapes and sizes can be make it a monumental task to find some of the most popular games, but fortunately we can help you skip all the grunt work and find the best of the best at the click of a button.

The Most Played Casino Games

While there are dozens upon dozens of different types of casino games to choose from online, there is no doubt that a few are remarkably more popular than others. Whether its on computers, tablets, smart phones or even smart watches, these games dwarf most of the others found online.

  • Pokies: The big daddy of all casino games, pokies remain as the number one most played game in the entire world. 61% of all online casino visitors play pokies in some form or another.
  • Blackjack. Blackjack is the preferred card game of many, but even with the millions of players that enjoy the game, blackjack falls well below pokies with only 19% of visitors having a go.
  • Roulette sits comfortably at about 8% of visitors, mostly because the game is complex and many new players tend to steer away from it.
  • Poker retains half of that at 4% of visitors, and is often the preferred game of extremely competitive players.
  • Lastly we have craps paralleling poker with 4% of all visitors to sites, and while tiny in comparison to pokies, still keeps it at a higher play rate than others games.
  • The remaining 4% of visitors enjoy the other games that casinos have to offer, including bingo, baccarat, and more.

Popular Casino Games in New Zealand

Our New Zealand players love trying their hand at the different online casino games, and the figures of visitors on sites matches quite closely to the global figures above. Pokies Is far and above the most popular casino games in New Zealand, followed by roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and video poker. These figures are unlikely to change any time soon as these games become more and more popular.

Where To Find The Best Casino Games

Finding the most popular casino games is a chore, there’s no doubt about that, and for anyone that has searched online, it becomes quickly apparent that there’s too much for new players to filter through at once. This is where we come in, where our team of experienced casino experts have scoured the internet to find the best casino games available in New Zealand. Look no further for everything you need in a pokie.